Saturday, 10 March 2012

~ Woot & The Digi Dares #267! ~

Just discovered my art journal was picked a winner at The Digi Dares!

There's a new Dare out and here are the requirements:

So, have you been introducing joys of past to your friends or family? Or even rediscovering for yourself forgotten gems from the past?

Dare Flair:

  • Your page must have at least one circle to represent things coming around
  • Use a worn element or paper to represent the past
  • Use a bolder pattern for a little fun
  • Use some doodles, either patterns on a paper, or elements, or a doodled alpha to show your playful side!
Here's my page:

Image of Bruce Lee was sourced from the internet!

I so luv my kungfu movies and I really do miss Bruce Lee's movies! Shame he didn't do a lot of them but those that he has done are simply classic! My tribute to him! TTFN!

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