Friday, 30 March 2012

~ Digi Scrap Competition: Round 6 ~

Well, the final round of the competition! Not sure how I made it as each round got harder and harder but I was quite happy to push myself beyond the boundary of what I knew and to learn more stuff. Here are the requirements:

1. Use 15 different kits, but…
2. Use kits from exactly 6 different designers
3. Use a blending mode
4. Use an advertisement as the starting point for your page
5. Use a title of a book as your page title
6. Use orange as an accent color
7. Duplicate a photo, but use different crops of that photo
8. Alter an element
9. Do an extraction
10. Use the words “Mad”, “March”, and “Memories” in your journaling, but not as one phrase
11. Do a two-page layout, but…
12. One page’s background must be a photo
13. Weave an element behind and in front of something else
14. Create a shape (using custom shape tools) and use it in three different ways
15. Incorporate a strong diagonal line into your design

Now are those overwhelming!!! Gosh, I struggled with using custom shape and had to check out the net for tutorials. Finally discovered a site whereby I could download more shapes to load into PS. Settle for a butterfly shape. I don't normally do a 2 pager but this has been fun. Here's my final LO. 

Yup that is what we call ourselves! The name was given by the hubby of one of the gals. So it stuck! Luv them to bits and can't wait to see them soon.

On the mundane side, the boys attended their last violin concert. This month has been a month of concerts. I reckoned I've been to at least 5 concerts, with one of them in London! It's nice to see them on stage performing. Now to scrap all the photos that I've taken! 

After the concert, we went to Harvester for dinner. Now the first time we went there, we never got to eat as after 45 mins of waiting, we walked out. Tonight, hubby decided to give it another go and so we did, at Starcity. What a major disappointment! Food was sub-standard and not tasty at all. Hub and I didn't enjoy our steak at all, the sauces were tasteless and the wee one's child meal looked bland and awful. Not surprising he didn't eat a lot of it. The older one's meal of fish and chips was ok. The verdict: NEVER go back again. I should have insisted on Frankie and Benny... they have much better food there! 

Today marks the start of the Easter break for the wee one and moi! 2 glorious weeks of no school or work! Been waiting for it. What am I gonna do... catch up on classes, sell off physical stash and scrap like crazy! TTFN!

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