Sunday, 18 March 2012

~ Dec Daily 2011: Day 23 ~

I've got 4 more pages before I complete my album. It's taking a while as I'm not in a hurry to print it out (my mistake! Should have bought a Groupon offer which would expedite my scrapping process). Anyway, here's a page from the album:

Day 23. Supplies by Anna Aspnes.

That's my wee one! His long is quite long (he likes it long) and that day, he picked up my hair clip and used it! He has been mistaken many times for a girl before, notably in Singapore, when he was prevented from going into the boy's toilet just b'cos the lady thought he was a girl! He wasn't impressed by her to say the least! Anyway, we used that as an excuse and managed to persuade both of them to have a hair cut! When we were coming back from our cruise, even the immigration officer had to take a double look at him as I assured him he was a boy!!!

I'm surprised the schools in England don't take a stand on the length of boys' hair. Gosh, when I was in school in Singapore, the Principal would cut the boys' hair if they were too long! Even the girls weren't spare... we had to tie our hair if it was long and wear a certain colour clip! I used to have my pink clips confiscated as we had to have them in blue!

Well, enough rambling... I've got 3 more pages to do then I'm done! TTFN!

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