Thursday, 22 March 2012

~ Art Journal Caravan: Itinerary #12 ~

This week's prompt was given early as Tangie has a digi scrapbook convention to attend the weekend! Lucky her. Wonder what's it's like to go to one.... sheesh, it would be fun! Talk about not having to cart all the stash... just the laptop & external hard disks! 

Looking at the prompts given, I settled for the quote. I couldn't resist getting a couple of new mixed media kits too and this is what I came up:

New kits by Rebecca Mcmeen: Wren & Studio Mix19: Glorious Vision. Also added Anna Aspnes' ArtPlay Palette Metro Graffiti set too.

Need to work on previous Itineraries. I will eventually catch up! 

On the routine side, the wee one had a concert in his school in the evening. Well, he has another one next Tuesday at Adrian Boult Hall and both of them are due to play in their violin teacher's concert next Friday. Lots of photo opportunities coming up! Then it's the Easter break! Yippee! Can't wait! TTFN!

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