Sunday, 11 July 2010

~ A Weekend in Bournemouth! ~

Hubs and I had a Ladies Nite function in a hotel in Bournemouth so we set off on Friday evening. Took us a good 3 hrs to reach down there. We had booked a family room and boy was it huge! The boys had a separate room to themselves. 

The hotel we stayed in.

After dinner, we took a walk on the beach. Gosh it was heaving with people, mainly students (probably learning English as there are a few language schools in the area). The boys had a quick play with the sand. Getting them to bed early was difficult!

The next day, after a typical English breakfast, we sent the boys off to the babysitters (hub's uncle & aunt kindly agreed to babysit them for the nite). I spent the afternoon having a Swedish body massage, courtesy of hubs, and it was great! Felt so relaxed! Then it was time to get ready for the Nite!

Boys at their babysitters'

The ferry between Swanage & Poole

My outfit for the nite, a 3/4 black & white dress.

Dinner was a lavish affair... a 6 course meal (rather long in my opinion and I was already full up by the 3rd course!) It was delicious but just too long! We had a live band who kinda spoilt it by finishing at 12 just when the crowd was getting into the grove! The nite ended with a bacon roll for the guests! Boy were we spoilt! 

Sunday morning's breakfast consisted of something fishy! I had enough of bacon and opted for kipper while hubs went for haddock. It was fab! We had a bit of time and we went shopping in Bournemouth town centre. Then we checked out of the hotel and went to picked the boys up. They had a great time, visiting the beach and a ruined castle the day before. 

We spent the afternoon in our SIL's place. We wanted to make sure we avoided the traffic, as the Grand Prix was at Silverstone that weekend. We left Poole at 7.30pm and got home 3 hrs later! 

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