Monday, 12 July 2010

~ Sports Day ~

It was my youngest's sports day today, which nearly got cancelled due to rain but fortunately, the weather held out during the afternoon. It's his first time as well as Sports day was cancelled when he was in reception, again due to bad weather, then in Year 1, he missed it as he was away. Finally, this year, he managed to take part! The children were put into groups and he was in Green Gorilla group which meant he had to wear green. 

There were six sporting events: Spoon & Egg, Throwing Ball, Passing the ball over the head, Jumping in Sack, Throwing bean bag & walking with Quoit on the head. Each group would take part in the different event during a certain period. Then point would be counted and collected before the groups proceeded to the next event. It was fun to see the kids getting excited and yelling their heads off. Here are some photos of today's event:

Spoon & Egg race

Throw the Ball race

Quoit race

Quite pleased he participated this year. A great way to end his year in Infants! TTFN!

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