Friday, 2 July 2010

~ Sports Day/Sponsored Bounce ~

It was my eldest's sport day today and it happens to be his first time participating in it. He has missed it for the past 2 years as we were away on holiday. So naturally he was pretty excited about it. Basically, it was a race between teams. First, it was mere running, then using a skipping rope, tying one leg of a pair together to walk to the finishing line, using bean bags, throwing a foam arrow (not easy when there's wind about), walking on 2 hands with your legs carried by a partner and finally a relay. 

Here he is in action in the relay, the last runner. 

Halfway, I had to leave to go to the Infants where my youngest was involved in a Sponsored Bounce which I was supposed to be helping out but had to opt out due to the Sports Day (nothing worst than having 2 events happening at the same time).

The wee one in action. He bounced 70 times in a minute. 
Not a clear picture I'm afraid (wrong setting on the camera and forgetting my flash!)

I did manage to sneak back to the Juniors to catch the last part of the Sports Day and my son begged me to take part in the Parents' race! I've not run for a long time but decided to humour him and took part. I was so not dressed for it and had to run barefooted as I was wearing a wee bit of heels! Surprise! Surprise! I came in first! Unfortunately, he failed to take a photo as he said I ran far too quickly for him to snap me! LOL! 

This was what he managed to snap!
If you see a hand sticking out in the air, that's moi (hidden by those running behind).

Think maybe it's time I start running again to keep fit! TTFN!

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