Sunday, 25 July 2010

~ Food Glorious Food! ~

The one thing great about here is the food! Boy have I been stuffing myself silly with the local food and fruits! 

Durians, king of fruits here. 
Some people are put off by the smell but it's heavenly! My dad had bought them ready for my arrival!

Roasted chestnut. 
Sure you can get them in the UK too but these ones taste so different, a lot more sweeter and very more-ish!

My fav: yong tau foo!
 It's a dish where you choose your ingredients (usually about 7 pieces) and throw in noodle.  You can either have it dry or with soup! I chose dry with chilli sauce. The soup dish has seaweed (mmm, another fav of mine) in it!

Yup, there's lots more food to try and I'm looking forward to it! Mmmm! TTFN!

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