Sunday, 18 July 2010

~ Birthday Weekend! ~

So it was my eldest's 10th birthday and he wanted a sleepover party with his friends. Hubs got him a tent (well, not especially for the party as he has ideas of going camping... ) Anyway, he set up the tent in the morning. It is quite a massive tent, considering it's a 4 person tent! The weather wasn't very cooperative and it rained while he was setting it up! 

Our tent that sleep 4 person.

At mid-day, we had tim sum at our favourite restaurant in Chinatown. Then it was off to the boys' violin concert, yup, the second one in a row! Turn out was rather small this time round but still, it was a good performance.

We went home to prepare for the arrival of his 6 friends who turned up promptly at 7pm. Most of their moms said how eager they were and extremely excited. That certainly showed as they raced into the garden, squealing with delight when they saw the tent! Hubs, in the mean time, prepared the BBQ. My MIL and SIL was also there to help out (thankfully) as I was completely engrossed with entertaining the boys). 

His friends from school. 

Cake time!

By 11pm, we got them ready for bed. That's when the nitemare started as they were too hyped to sleep and were making a little din in the garden (just as well we had warned the neighbours about the sleepover party!) Hubs had the chiminea  going so we both sat outside, taking turns to control the sound level of them. At midnite, my eldest came in and demanded a midnite feast so it was jelly and ice-cream for them. Let's just say that at 3am, some of them were still yakking away! 

The boys woke up extremely early at 7ish the next day! How they managed is beyond comprehension, given that they slept so late. My two were still fast asleep and I had to wake them! We gave them breakfast and they spent the morning playing Wii until their parents picked them up at 11am. Each kid got a thank you tag as well as a goodie bag.

I stamped the back with a thank you stamp. The tag size is 6x4, cut from a rather loud patterned paper! That made 6 tags. The paper behind the photo is a digi image printed out on an A4 sheet. 

Glad it's over! Not an easy job looking after 8 boys!!! TTFN!

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Emma said...

Wow that tent does look big with all those boys standing in it! Sounds like a great night was had. Love the tags