Thursday, 22 July 2010

~ Such A Long Journey ~

It didn't take long to reach Dubai (about 6 hourish flight time). We had about 3 hrs to kill and I did a bit of shopping (mainly food). Then it was time to board the flight to Singapore (another 7 hrs). 

Can't say I slept well... I did drop off but was woken up with stiff neck! So in the end, I gave up and watched movies instead. I must have seen at least 5 movies ... Clash of the Titans, It's Complicated, Leap Year, The Lovely Bones and another new one with Catherine Zeta Jones in it (she and the babysitter). Eventually we did reached our destination. Can't tell you how pleased I was to get off the plane!

My dad and bros were there to meet us.

My luggages, including 2 small ones that the boys were wheeling. Both insisted of having a separate bag each! Sigh! Thank goodness Emirates give each passenger 30kg and it's based on weight not quantity of luggage!

Looking forward to the next 41 days here! TTFN!

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