Friday, 23 July 2010

~ TGIF ~

Our second day in Singapore. We woke up pretty early like 7ish! Had breakfast and then I fell asleep no thanks to jet lag! Just felt this overwhelming sense of tiredness! The boys, in the meantime, were well and truly awake and was pestering me to bring them swimming so we did in the afternoon. 

They had an hour at the local swimming pool and they enjoyed it. I don't bring them to the pool back home as it's a breeding ground for verrucas! And I'm serious! Those bloody things are a nitemare to get rid off and they take ever so long to clear! The pools here are outdoor so I guess the germs find it hard to breed but I have never ever gotten a verruca here and I used to swim on a daily basis when I was living here.

No doubt we will be there again next week and throughout the hols! TTFN!

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