Tuesday, 5 January 2010

>>> Snowed In! <<<

The boys are back at school today and I'm back at work too. About 10ish this morning, happened to look out and gosh, it was snowing heavily. Within 5 minutes, the ground was completely covered and within an hour, a good 3 inches thick of snow.

My driveway.

The road around the school wasn't gritted so had to park my car on the main road and walked in. I'm terrified about driving on icy roads.... had a horrible experience before. The boys simply revelled in throwing snowballs at their friends... the school ground was completely covered in inches deep of snow. When they got home, not surprising, they went into the garden to try and build a snowman!

Can't say they were successful. I believe there is an art to doing it. I was busy sorting out their dinner so couldn't help them. Beside, it was just wayyy too cold to go outside. Oh yes, snow was falling when I took this photo.

I did persuade them to post for me though, before they went to play. These days, getting them to pose requires a lot of bribery and cajoling!

Those 'dots' are falling snow!

It certainly has been snowing more frequently here. In fact quite often in the last few years. It never used to snow before. Snow does excite me... well, coming from a tropical island that has summer all year round, I used to dream about what snow was all about. I still do like seeing snow, playing with it and it does change the scenery .... like a picture postcard. However, just dislike driving in it. Fingers crossed that schools might just closed for the next few days as more snow is forecasted.

Xmas tree finally came down. The boys willingly helped. For me, it kinda signified the end of the festive season and the return to normality. Can't believe the 2 weeks break has gone. Well, as they say, time flies when you're having fun! TTFN!

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Edleen said...

Happy 2010 Audrey!

woohoo...that's alot of snow! great shot of your boys though :)

have a Blessed New Year!