Wednesday, 13 January 2010

>>> More Snow Again! <<<

Just as I thought the roads were getting better, it started to snow again and loads of it! This morning, the ground was recovered, even more thickly than before and the school run became a nitemare. The boys woke up too late to walk to school so we had to go by car. What a struggle it was. The roads around the school was so thickly covered with snow that cars struggled to get on it. Not surprisingly, it caused a jam. I didn't bother and parked on the main road and walked in instead.

The Infant School decided to end early so I picked Zac after work and went for Oliver. His school was still carrying on but I just couldn't face coming back at 3.30pm to pick him up ... this would mean making 2 trips and I just didn't fancy driving on the road. It was snowing all day too! Quite a number of parents were picking up their kids as well from the Junior School too. (our Infant & Junior schools are operated independently from each other and this can sometimes cause problems if the two Heads don't coordinate with each other).

The boys went back and played with the snow in our garden. This time, the snow was suitable for building snowman and they did:

Initially they both started together but halfway they fought and smashed the snow up! So I had to send them in separate areas to build their own snowmen instead! Typical!!!

Oliver deep in concentration

Finally, his effort was rewarded! An impressive snowman, created entirely by him.

The wee one rolling his snowman base.

His li'l snowman!

We never had that much snow before and this year, it has gone on longer than expected, a week! As much as I like snow, I'm getting fed-up of it now. Novelty has worn off. A lot of stuff has been severely disrupted. Even the bin men saw fit not to pick up the rubbish today!!!  (And they only come once a week). Anyway, I took advantage and took photos of anything snowy. Here's a couple of random images of the snow.

Snow on the branches.

A ball lying on the ground in the garden. That's how much snow we have had so far!

Not sure when this arctic condition ends but I guess you just have to endure as best as possible. Looking forward to the weekend! TTFN!


Fay aka Beautifullily said...

You've got some great photos there, hope to see them on a LO soon!

~amy~ said...'s soooo pretty BUT, can't drive in the stuff...