Saturday, 16 January 2010

~ Saturday Natter! ~

2 days of rain literally melted the snow! Our delightful snowmen are gone, the road is free from snow and pavement, walkable again! You wouldn't have thought that we had snow at all! This week has been amazing.... so much snow on Wednesday and none by Saturday! Kinda sad to see it go but thankful to go back to normal life again. Yup, our normal routine was severely disrupted with that much snow around!

Saturday nite saw us attending a friend's 40th birthday party. It was held at a function room in a Chinese restaurant. Food was superb and the party was great. They had booked a karaoke room too so there was singing involved and dancing as there was also a dance floor. Who would have thought that Zac was the dance king.... as soon as the music came blasting out, he was off on the dancefloor, gyrating his hips and thoroughly enjoying himself. Hidden talent? Anyway, it was so amusing seeing him.

Too cute for words!

The boys came back with heaps of balloons. Always nice to bring the kids out. TTFN!

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