Friday, 8 January 2010

>>> Closure Of Schools! <<<

So I got a text this morning at 7.50am to inform me that the Infant School is closed due to heating failure. Nothing from the Junior school. Then a phone call from a friend who informed me that the Junior School is closed too as she got a text but I didn't... now that is seriously as I would have brought my eldest there only to find it was closed. Thank goodness she informed me. Sudden closure like this caused problems for working parents so I helped her out... babysit her two gals who happened to be in my boys' classes too. Looking after gals are far easier than boys... less noisy and boisterous!

The snow helped a lot as all four of them were outside playing on the sledge. Snow was too soft to build a snowman but it didn't deter the kids from throwing snowballs.

It's a little heavy pulling 2 people.

Not surprising, those kids came up with different ways of being on the sledge, with a little fairy tale thrown in too!

I'm just so glad schools were closed today. Thankfully, the weekend is free from activities too. More snow is predicted so I guess the best place is staying at home & crafting! TTFN!

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