Thursday, 7 January 2010

>>> Big Freeze! <<<

Yesterday, the snow was fluffy, too soft to even build a snowman or throw snowballs! Today, it was hard, like ice. I took one look at my driveway especially the slope and decided it wasn't worth driving. So dug out the sledge and told the boys we were walking to school. We don't live near it but I just didn't want to risk driving. Boys were naturally delighted.

It took us 30 mins to get to school but we made it. The boys asked to do the same for tomorrow. Why not! It isn't often that we get so much snow here, in fact hardly. It's only in recent years that we are seeing more and more snow. A lot of the boys' extra curricular activities have been cancelled too. Thank goodness for that. I want to avoid driving as much as I can.

On the crafting side, major lack of mojo.... too cold I guess. The need to go to bed early 'cos once the heater is off, it's freezing cold. Sometimes wish I could hibernate till spring comes. As much as I luv the snow, I think I had enough. It's horrible having numbed fingers and toes, despite wearing gloves and thick, thermal socks! And I hate driving on icy roads.... your car simply slither and slide about.... just terrifying... and I talking about driving at 10 miles/hr! What's worst, more snow is being predicted this weekend ..... urghhh! TTFN!

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