Tuesday, 1 July 2008

>>> Another Whirlwind Weekend! <<<

Ollie's school held a summer fayre and I was somehow roped in to help out at the stalls. I was put in charge selling books that were going for 10p! Yup 10p! Children's and adult's book. Did a brisk sale but was still left with loads! The books were donated by the children in the school. Each year group was asked to bring in donated stuff according to different themes. Thank god for a sunny weather as it was a fun filled day. The boys along with their cousins enjoyed the day, winning prizes from various game stalls.

The boys enjoying themselves in a game stall.

Woke up at 7am and hubby decided to do an imprompt trip to Poole. So woke the boys up and we set off. Got to Poole at 11am and headed for the beach where the boys lost no time in playing.

Zac getting 'buried' in the sand.

As usual, Ollie wasting no time in in the 3 elements... sun, sea and sand!

Self portrait of moi and Zac.

Later headed to SIL's place where we had dinner there and Zac engaged a game of go gos with his Uncle.

There goes another great weekend! TTFN!

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