Sunday, 20 July 2008

>>> Arrived At Last! <<<

OMG! After what seemed to be taking ages, we finally arrived in Singapore. I started packing on Friday, the day before departure, typical and managed to finish in the wee hours. To be honest, I only packed a week clothes since I know my mom would be doing the washing daily. I can't say I brought much myself too but I made sure I packed my essential scrapping tools with me as I will be doing some DT assignments during my stay in Singapore. Incidentally, the boys and moi will be away for the whole of summer holidays. I figured pointless staying so short in Singapore and since my dad misses the boys dearly, might as well let him have them for the whole 6 weeks.

I leave with some photos taken during our journey. We went on Emirates, which I have to say is the best airline I've ever taken! Gosh, food is fantastic and the entertainment, exceptional! I must have watched at least 3-4 movies during my 17 hr trip there. We had to stop in Dubai to change planes but the 24 hours stores made it worthwhile. Got some dates at the shop. The boys behaved exceptional well, which surprised me but it made the journey so much easier since I was on my own. All I can say is that I had a great flight!

Their DS came in handy, keeping them entertained on board.

Thankfully they went off to sleep when I told them to!

At the Dubai shopping area. Both waited patiently for me while I got some stuff.

While waiting at Dubai airport, their Go Gos came in handy.

Plane about to take off. Pity the wings had to be in the way!


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