Thursday, 17 July 2008

>>> Happy Birthday! <<<

to my darling son Oliver who is 8 yrs old today! Sheesh, time has really flown!

He woke up early this morning and got dressed without me asking him and even pinned a huge birthday boy badge on his jumper! I gave him a big packet of sweeties to share with his friends, a tradition that is observed here in the schools. He was ever so excited. He begged to open a pressie and I gave him a tiny one consisting of go gos. He was so pleased!

The day went well for him. It was after school that the excitement started. At 4.30pm, his party started at the Adventure Mini Golf complex (in Star City) where they played 18 rounds. He had invited 7 friends from his school including his 2 cousins. Have you ever tried telling 8 yr olds how to play golf? I gave up after a while and just took photos.

Sheesh, the amount of cheating that went on. I think what concerned them most was finishing the game. In fact we did finish a good half an hour later! So we brought them to Pizza Hut and they spent a good time there where they had the kids meal and dessert. Thankfully they gave us a separate section as those kids can really make a din! Party ended at 6.30pm.

However, we decided to go and watch a movie instead. The boys wanted to watch Kungfu Panda and we did. Had a good laugh. After the movie, we went home.

Armed with a handful of pressies, Oliver merrily opened all of them. Just as well we held his party on his actual birthday too. Well, he got a few packets of Go Gos and what he asked for... a big box of Lego featuring Indiana Jones. He was ever so pleased!

After much persuasion, finally got them to go to bed as it was last day of school for them (since we're leaving on Sat!) Phew! I was tired but thankful we held his party outside! TTFN!

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