Sunday, 13 July 2008

>>> Another Busy Weekend! <<<

The boys had to perform in a concert today. This was the Suzuki concert, an accumulation of the workshops they have attended this year. Thankfully, Zac mastered the Twinkle variations so he could at least perform in the concert.

Hubby's company organised a BBQ for the staff held in a hotel in Kenilworth. It's an annual affair and frankly I think last year was far better. Food was the same, typical English BBQ with sausages (yuks) and burgers (double yuks!). Thank goodness, they had a bit of tandoori chicken, the only saving grace.

The company had arranged a bouncing castle and a rodeo for entertainment. Oliver managed 39s on that bull. I didn't want to embarrass myself!

Zac attempting to pull out a sword which he clearly had no chance!

Weekends these days are becoming so busy. I can't think of one where we had nothing to do! TTFN!

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