Friday, 4 July 2008

>>> New Puter! <<<

Hubby's company built him a super duper desktop coupled with a gigantic HP all in one printer. Vista is installed and can't say I'm liking it very much but slowly getting the hang of it. Had to installed the new router that came with it and what a mess as it refused to let me get online. In the end had to hook it up directly to my laptop in order to access the internet.

I did speak to the IT chap at his work and we did manage to resolve the connection issue which involed configuring the router but hubby couldn't login into his office network. To cut the story short, we are getting a new router, properly configured! I suspect the present one is a wee bit faulty as I had to jiggle the wire about when I plugged it in. Can't be right can it?

Now does it mean I can't have my macbook??? TTFN!

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