Sunday, 22 June 2008

>>> The Weekend! <<<

Bummer! Accidentally scraped my car against the wall and it left marks on it! Blame it entirely on the hubby and his bloody Jag! He is so gonna fix those marks! I was so mad with him that I opted out going to SIL's place. Stayed at home and crafted instead and cooled down. Nice to have the whole house to myself. Anyway, it turned out he had to stay overnite as SIL's youngest suffered a mild concussion (hit his head on a tree branch in school). So SIL spent the nite at A&E while he looked after the 3 boys at her home. Poor soul! (NOT!)

Brought Zac to a birthday party held in MacDonald's. It was a fancy dress and he took over Ollie's pirate outfit. No doubt he now thinks it's his!

So hard to get him to cooperate for the camera!

Hubby brought Ollie for his violin's practice. He usually goes to a Suzuki workshop held once or twice a month, organised by his violin's teacher. Zac goes as well but this time he preferred a birthday party over a violin workshop.

Popped into M&S in Leicester as hubby wanted to buy a pair of shoes which incidentally he couldn't get in Birmingham. As the M&S in Leicester is quite huge, we went there to check it out. Unfortunately, he still couldn't find one in his size but I ended up getting a cardi instead!

We had lunch with SIL and her boys. Thankfully her youngest is alrite. Then we popped into the Leicester museum for a look around.

Another weekend that passed so quickly! TTFN!

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