Monday, 2 June 2008

>>> Weekend Getaway! <<<

What fun! We decided to pop down to Poole for the weekend to see SIL and her family. Left on Sat morning for a whirlwind adventure! Here's the proof!

Zac was quite enamoured with SIL's dog.

Oliver luv the beach! Couldn't wait to take his clothes off!

All of us went for a bike ride to Poole town centre.

Zac on the hunt for shells.

A day isn't done without the BBQ!

Saturday saw us heading for the beach for a walk after having dinner at Nandos. The boys went mad and wanted to strip off but as it was getting dark, I insisted they kept their clothes on and their shoes off.

On Sunday, we embarked on a bike trip to Poole town centre, all 9 of us! We had a great time although Zac decided he was too tired to cycle home and hubby had to let him ride on his bike while carrying his bicycle at the same time. After the ride, we had a BBQ in the garden. We left SIL's place at 7ish and eventually got home about 9ish. Nothing beats being close to the beach even if it's for a short while! TTFN!

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