Wednesday, 28 December 2011

~ Spring Clean! ~

Hubs went back to work today and I was busy sorting the house out. First stop was the lounge whereby it had gotten into a state of anarchy! Cleared the room of any Xmas wrapping papers and sorted out the winter apparels (gloves, scarves & hats). Then it was the outer house that need clearing up. Typical hubs had simply chucked black bags (which contained god knows what!) out there so it was time to sort them out properly. Threw out loads of rubbish and packed stuff away! Thankfully he did dinner so that I could finish the spring clean. I'm still not done but I'll get there somehow!!!

Next on the list to get is a good iron. I'm not opposed to ironing, in fact, I do like ironing, just hate folding up clothes and putting them away! However, the current iron I have is bloody useless! Never ever buy an iron without doing some research. It takes ages to iron out any creases so much so that I've now got a mountain load of clothes waiting to be ironed as I can't bear to use the iron we now have. Been checking out reviews for certain irons and might be edging towards a steam generator one. Watch this space!

A LO that I did late last nite.... another page for my Dec album.

 Day 19. My boys achieving the next grade up in martial arts. All supplies by Anna Aspnes.


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