Sunday, 4 December 2011

~ Le Weekend! ~

The weekend was rather busy for me. Attended my SIL's hen weekend. It started on Friday and ended on Sunday. I had an enjoyable time. 

Friday night was spent at Oxford town centre. All 8 of us had dinner at Azizi, an Italian restaurant, but the food was terrible! The starter was good but the main meal fell flat. Didn't like my risotto at all! Another gal's meal was dead cold and after changing it twice, she gave up. We got a 10% off the bill for that! Not sure if it was the crowd or bad chef! Definitely won't go back there for sure! We all headed back as we had a full day the next day.

We had breakfast at the hotel before heading out for our hen do activities. The organiser had booked us  to do clay shooting and hovercrafting. We did the clay shooting first. I have to say, I quite enjoyed it but the gun was terribly heavy. Managed to shoot 2 out of 14 hits! Then it was onto the hovercraft. There is no brakes and it relied a lot on body movement to steer the hovercraft. Did terribly the first time but managed it better the second! 

Lunch was at a Garden Centre, just scone, jam and clotted cream! We headed back to the hotel to rest before setting out again, this time to The Living Room at Oxford town centre. Food was relatively much better. I had steak and it was really good! There was also a live band too. In fact, the entire place was pleasant to be in. The girls played a few games, as you can imagine. I have to say, the guys, who were chosen, were quite accommodating as well. Then, we moved on to a club called The Junction. It was fairly empty so we managed to get a place to sit (although it did fill up quite rapidly later in the evening). Can't say I stayed long as I left before midnight with a few other ladies.

Had breakfast at the hotel and then checked out at 11am. Took me roughly an hour to drive back. The boys had a Christmas party at Cubs/Scouts so left them there and did some Christmas shopping. I spent the night clearing out the 'walked-in' wardrobe. It's where I have my handbags and hub's suits are stored. It does get dusty so had a good clearing out. Didn't realise how much handbags I actually possessed! Seriously, I think I've got an addiction to them!

There goes another busy weekend! I leave with LOs of the hen weekend!

 Friday Night

Saturday Night


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