Sunday, 25 December 2011

~ Merry Christmas! ~

It's a quiet Christmas for us this year! We are at home. Hubs cooked a turkey and we had a scrumptious Christmas meal. Thankfully not too much leftover as I don't fancy eating turkey for the next few days!!! We bought the turkey from M&S and hubs made the sauce from the cooked turkey. Big mistake as it was too lemony! 

The boys thankfully didn't wake up too early. They did get up and woke us up, all excited to open their presents. Luckily we didn't disappoint! They didn't have a list as they didn't know what they want (so we had to buy it blind!) Can't go wrong with Lego!

I spent the day watching cartoons mainly... there were quite a few cartoon movies on the various channels so it was nice to watch them with the boys. 

I leave with a few LOs from my Dec album ....

 Day 6. My wee one playing in a concert

 Day 7. Having Xmas meal in school.

Day 11. Christmas shopping, actually more shopping for wedding!

I'm a little behind in my album but having fun nonetheless! TTFN!

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