Saturday, 24 September 2011

~ What A Day! ~

Saturday is just another busy day for us. Eldest got into the Junior String Orchestra and therefore, he has 2 hours of violin practice every Saturday morning (it follows the school term's timetable). We all get early to bring him there and then go shopping/ran errands etc. Then in the afternoon, depending on schedules, they have a Suzuki workshop conducted by their violin teacher. Hence, Saturday is now dedicated to their music activities.

Today I received a letter from my son's new secondary school. I've been elected as a representative of his Year Group on the Parents' Consultative Committee. I did put my name down but was informed during the summer hols to write a statement as they received more applications than required. I did and thought no more of it. So I was rather surprised to get the letter today. Good to know that I can keep track on both my boys! I'm also a Governor of the Junior School.... they can run but they can't hide!

On the creative front, managed to create more pages for the summer album. As deadline to print is looming, it's quite stressful trying to churn out so many pages in such a short period of time. Anyway, here's my effort...

We went on a 4 day cruise to Penang, Malaysia & Phuket, Thailand. Had a great time and kinda renewed my interest in cruises!!!

For the first time of my life, I voted! There was a Presidential Election and it was so exciting to go to the voting centre to vote! Living overseas does have its disadvantage. I missed the General Elections early this year. There was overseas voting centres but I just couldn't get down to London that particular day. Nothing like being in the country and feeling the hustle and bustle of the Election process. 

My boys' hair were terribly long, such that they were constantly being mistaken for gals... never mind that they were dressed like boys! We eventually managed to bribe them to cut it short. They did but we had to bring them to a Lego store for them to choose their toys! Well, at least they look like boys now! I even got mine cut as well.

Having a meal with some good friends & ex-colleagues. We always meet up whenever I'm there. They have a knack of nosing out good places for food! Seriously! The meal we had was just outta this world! Yum!

So much to do on our last day in Singapore! I had an early meetup with a couple of fab gals! We had beef noodles for breakfast but I wasn't too hungry... just upset about having to say goodbye to them. In the afternoon, daddy dearest cooked my favourite dish... chilli crabs! Yum!

I'm nearly done... just the arrival, departure pages & cover for album. My pages at the moment are photo & journaling intensive as I want to concentrate on the photos and tell a story. As soon as this album is over, I can concentrate on the artistic creation of pages. For now, it's just the facts! TTFN!

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Coochies & All said...

Wish I had the chance to meet up with you on your last day here ... so sorry I couldn't. Beautiful layout by the way. Love your work so much!