Monday, 19 September 2011

~ On Display ~

Been busy creating and here's a few more from my summer album:

 Boys were so excited when daddy could join them. Now the holidays really begin!

Meeting up with the Joylites. First time all five of us could meet up. Well, maybe tim sum was the dangling carrot!

We visited Universal Studios again and this time, we made sure we saw everything & rode on all the rides. I skipped the Human & Cylon roller coasters... the mere thought of being upside down just didn't appeal to me! The boys went on them twice! The second time unaccompanied! 

Marina Barrage - a new place to visit for us but ever so interesting! 

Still got more pages to come and deadline's looming.... TTFN!

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Coochies & All said...

Your digi layouts are gorgeous - so meaningful too. :)