Saturday, 17 September 2011

~ On Display ~

Just some LOs to display from my summer album...

 Brought the boys to ice skate although the ground wasn't in the least bit icy! Think they fell more than they skated!

Watching the fireworks from the National Day Parade Dress Rehearsal. Getting tickets to see this Parade is like gold dust! You can't buy it, you can bid for it and it's just luck if you get it!

 Boys didn't swim that often this time around. Still, when they did, they enjoyed themselves.

 A good friend that brought me out for walks in a very interesting place. As usual, we finished it off by eating! Nothing new in Singapore!

Just us having a meal with a friend at Sushi Express & then a drink at Raffles Hotel! Nice to know that my parents were on hand to babysit the boys! Well, they weren't too bothered about not going out!

I'm not too bothered about my pages being uniformed... it would bore me to tears! I rather have it colourful and the freedom to play and explore colours! Currently leaning towards Anna Aspnes designs and Webster Pages for these LOs!

On the mundane side, hubs and moi are planning to re-decorate certain rooms in the house! I'm giving up my craft room and turning it into a bedroom for my youngest. (How I'm gonna remove all the stash I've in that room is another matter...) We are gonna turn the lounge into a lounge cum study cum guest room. Whether or not we use it as a lounge is another thing as since we moved in, we have never ever use that room apart from being a dumping ground for coats! Yeah, when we have guests, we use it but on our own, it's straight to the bedroom where we watch TV in there. I guess we can kiss goodbye to the next few weekends as we re-paint, re-decorate and re-sort the respective rooms. I will have to get rid of a lot of stash as they will never fit into the new study which is much smaller than the existing room.   Not that I mind but it's the tedious task of finding buyers for them! 

I'm entering a different phrase in the crafting arena. I'm certainly leaning towards digi as it's more convenient and definitely cheaper to maintain as a hobby. Paper stash can be so costly. However, I'm still doing cards (can't bring myself to buy!) and will maintain a small amount of paper stash for DT purposes. But doing a paper LO will be a thing of the past! TTFN!

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Dr Sonia S V said...

Such gorgeous layouts!

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