Friday, 16 September 2011

~ So Terribly Busy! ~

My gosh! A good friend of mine pointed out to me that I've been neglecting my blog! Well, the moment I arrived back in the UK, I was thrown into serious household chores. Hubs left me with 2 big baskets of clothes to put away, all his may I add! Then I had to sort the airing cupboard out as he out the shelves out from there for the boiler to be serviced (but it never happened, that's another story... ) and merely shoved everything back in the wrong order. Men! Can never leave them on their own! They just can't cope! Not to mention unpacking 8 luggage worth of clothes, toys, food etc that we brought back from Singapore. On top of that, a deadline to fulfil ... doing my pages for my son's album that needed to be printed out by a certain date! Even 24 hours wasn't enough for me! Friend of mine has been asking me out for coffee morning but had to take a rain check until later this month. Got a couple of deadlines to fulfil before this month ends! 

On the crafting side, I managed to get my son's Year 6 album done and printed out into a Photobook. Have to say, I'm extremely proud of it. All events relating to him in that particular school year was chronologically documented, as much as I could within 21 pages! I'm sure I could do with a few more pages. Here are some of them:

 Album cover

 School camp that he went. Unfortunately, couldn't get any photos of the camp activities as the school never put it on their blog. So it was whatever I took before he left. 

 A sponsored walk the school does every year.

 A music workshop they both attended during a school day.

 Experiencing snow during a school day. Well, their headmaster is opposed to closing down the school despite heavy snow!

 Their annual Summer Fayre which I always help out.

 Sports day - Year3&4 was held in the morning while Year5&6 in the afternoon. I took part in the parents race and came in first both times (had both boys in the 2 groups)! Good to know I got some points for their teams!

Some parents got together and organised a Prom Night for the Year 6 kids. 

The above LOs were all digitally done. I would never have finished it if they were paper-based! It's much easier and fun doing it on the laptop as opposed to sitting on my scrapping table these days.

 I'm currently doing an Album for my summer hols and it has got to be finished by the 25th this month. I should have done it during the hols but somehow, the mojo wasn't there! Well, paying the price for it now as I'm rushing through them. That's me! Always a last minute person but I know I will get it done! TTFN!

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Fay aka Beautifullily said...

Hey, I've missed you Audrey, lovely to see you blogging, your LOs are great