Thursday, 20 May 2010

~ Sports Festival ~

Zac was fortunately chosen to take part in the Sports Festival held in the Junior School. He goes there this coming Sept and I guess it's the school's way of slowing integrating them. As it is, the Year 2s are invited to attend certain assemblies in the Junior school. 

Thank goodness for a wonderful, sunny weather! He was involved in 3 different games, football, basketball and tag rugby. He certainly enjoyed himself tremendously while his brother hung about, watching him and playing football with his friends. As for me, photo opportunity for me and I played not only with my DSLR but also my Hipstamatic app. 

Now I wish the app had a zoom feature! It would be so handy!

Learning how to bounce the ball.

Learning how to throw a rugby ball. There was progression and the kids finally played a game at the end. 

Craftwise, feeling a little mojo-less at the moment! It's like I wanna do something but at the same time, not in the mood to do so! Oh well, the heat doesn't help too... and there's more sunny days ahead! I guess I shouldn't complain as it isn't often we get such warm weather! As they say, make hay while sun shines! TTFN!

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