Saturday, 15 May 2010

~ Basking ~

What a busy day! The morning saw me bringing my youngest to a birthday party. Then in the afternoon, the boys were in Birmingham town centre basking for Christian Aid. They teamed up with another gal and played a series of songs for half an hour in two spots. During the time they played, a fair number of people donated, and we saw quite a few fiver notes. The kids enjoyed themselves and were rewarded with treats at the end of their performances. Here are some photos...

Pics taken using the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone. I sincerely hope they contributed to a large takings for Christian Aid. TTFN

Edited: Just received an email to say how much was taken during the day... £753 based on a whole day (11am - 4pm) of basking by 20 children! Quite pleased about the amount raised! A big thank you to the passers-by who were at B'ham town centre today and gave generously.

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lisa said...

Audrey, that's really sweet. Well done to your boys x