Thursday, 6 May 2010

~ Camera Fun ~

I was introduced to the Hipstamatic app by Fay (thanx!) and downloaded it on my iPhone to have a play! OMG! It was the most fun app using the camera feature in the iPhone. It takes vintagy kind of photos and I absolutely luv the effect! Tried it out on my boys and here's how they look: 

Lens: Lucifer VI, film: Float

Lens: Kaimal Mark II, film: BlacKeys B+W

Lens: Roboto Glitter, film: Alfred Infrared

This app allows you to change lens, films and flashes to achieve your desired effect. And if you rather leave it to chance, just shake your iPhone and it will choose all three to give a random effect. I really like how the photos turn out and I might just use them for scrapping!!! In fact, after playing with the app, I purchased more lens/films. I'm now hoping they will come out with more different lens. This app definitely take the camera feature in iPhone into a different level! No doubt you can easily achieve such effects in Photoshop but hey, if there's an app to do it, save me the hassle! TTFN!

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