Tuesday, 25 October 2011

~ On Display! ~

It's half term, very much awaited for and it's so nice to just chill out at home in PJs and not be rushing about. Can't say for the next few days as we have visitors.

Anyway, got some time for myself and created a few stuff...

This LO was based on a scraplift by Anna as seen here. As usual, added a bit more touches to it and played with blending modes.

I bought a Rock It kit from Anna Aspnes and was wondering how best to use it. I loved the images in that kit. Then, it struck me to use it as a tribute to singers. First on my list is Freddy Mercury. I happened to be listening to Queen and the page just came together! Image of Freddy Mercury was sourced from the net as well as the quote.

I'm in the process of creating another photobook but this time with photos. Can't say I'm having an easy time as it's a very tedious process and haven't found a way to do it manually. At the moment it's slotting in photos for me which I thoroughly dislike! Will persist and see how it goes... TTFN!

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