Saturday, 8 October 2011

~ Is It Or Is It Not! ~

My boys on the cover of Ikea catalogue. 

How cool is that! Well, I'm the only one owning that particular catalogue! We were there last week and as we walked into the store, a lady invited my boys to be photographed so they could be on the catalogue. They recently renovated the entrance and did a lot of improvement to the Wednesbury store. I guess they were celebrating the changes to the store. There was even a balloon chap about who made a sword balloon for my boys! Anyway, while she was shooting them, I quickly took a snapshot of them as well. 

While surfing the App store, I found this app called My Sketch (free app) which changes photo to sketches. There were a variety of sketches to choose from. Quite like this particular one!

On the creative front, my favourite designer came up with a musical kit! OMG! Exactly what I been longing for! So I got to work as soon as I downloaded it...

Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Concerto kit. 
Been waiting for the perfect kit to scrap these photos. 


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