Sunday, 23 October 2011

~ Busy Weekend ~

So we decided last minute on Friday night to book a trip to Legoland. We searched and found a hotel for Sat night and 4 tickets to the theme park the next day for a bargain price. On Saturday, we headed to Windsor and decided to visit Windsor Castle. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a earphone guide to explain what was going on and it was so helpful. Definitely worth a visit if you haven't been there. We also managed to get our tickets upgraded to a year's visit too. Then it was off to Sheraton's hotel near Heathrow airport. Gosh, every 2 minutes, there was a plane coming down. Talk about non-stop noise! Luckily, once in the hotel room, it wasn't so bad. But I do feel for the houses in that area. In fact, while we were at Windsor, it was along the flight path and therefore, we could hear a plane heading towards Heathrow almost every 2 minutes! Even Windsor Castle wasn't spared from that!

Sunday saw us at Legoland. I have to admit, I got very bored and didn't enjoy it one bit! My boys didn't fancy many of the rides either. I think it's because they are now slightly older and some of the rides were more for kids below 8. We did go on some rides namely The Dragon, The Dragon Apprentice, The Viking etc. We did visit Alantis. We queued for a good 40 minutes before being told due to technical difficulties, the ride was canceled but they did give us a ticket for fast access to other rides or to return at a later time. We did return. The ride was sitting in a submarine and seeing sea creatures underwater. I think we were in it for less than a minute before we were out again. Frankly to queue for an hour to see something for a minute... I think I'm better off visiting the Sealife centre. The queue for that particular attraction was rather long most of the time so much so that there was even a booth selling refreshments in case people needed a snack. The highlight of the event was the fireworks which started at 6.30pm. We were lucky to be there for that particular weekend they were having the fireworks. It was spectacular.

Would I go back to Legoland... definitely not! I think my boys have outgrown that particular theme park. TTFN! 

PS... photos to come later...running out of space in my Macbook!

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Coochies & All said...

Your post reminded me of my trip to Legoland many years ago Audrey. We took a long time before we finally found the place - got lost a few times. Then when we saw the entrance fees, my husband almost fainted. It was too expensive for us back then (1999) so we decided not to visit it. We proceeded on to windsor castle after that - and had some fun there. :)