Friday, 7 October 2011

~ Ohhh, It's Here! ~

My Summer Vacation Album!

I had to go to the PO to collect it. Typical! It has to come when I'm at work so I had to wait a good 24hrs before being able to collect it from the PO. Why 24hrs, b'cos it's mentioned on the slip! I did once try to go on the same day but at a later time and was gently pointed to the 24 hrs mentioned on the slip!!! Oh well!

Anyway, I'm so pleased with it! It looks great to see your creations in print! Here are some sample pages:

 The cover of the album

 First page. I decided to do a black border all round as opposed to having the LO fill the whole page. 

Other pages. With the black border, it divided the pages better. I did try with the LO filling the whole page but thought it looked rather messy.

I'm now hooked on these Photobooks. I've got another Groupon offer for another which I've yet to decide what to fill it with! TTFN!

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