Tuesday, 1 February 2011

~ Project 365: January ~

I seldom embarked on long term projects as I've a tendency to get bored halfway but when I saw the Project 365 app on iPhone, I couldn't resist it. No harm giving it a go as it's on my phone and I'm so attached to my phone at the moment. Anyway, glad to say that I did take a photo daily in the month of January and as a result have fill all the entire calendar month with photos. And I turned it into a page: 

LO (8.5x11") was created using paper from Splendid Fiins. Numbers by Katie Pertiet & alpha by Jen Allyson. Journaling element by Katie Pertiet and strips by Splendid Fiins.

So January was an eventful month. There were days where nothing exciting happened and I looked at the simple things to capture memories i.e. getting a high score on Word with Friends, chatting with my bro on FaceTime or even making a card! 

I'm now embarking on February's memories. So far so good. Looking forward to creating a page at the end of the month! TTFN!

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