Wednesday, 23 February 2011

~ Half Term! ~

In the midst of half term at the moment. Enjoying the break especially not having to wake up early. Thankfully the boys luv their sleep too! They aren't too fussed about going out either so we hang out in our  PJs all day long. 

Currently, I'm busy transferring all my digi supplies over to iPhoto. I created a new library (click 'option' button while pressing iPhoto & it will bring up a box whereby you can chose different libraries or create a new one) and have been importing my digi files and organising them into various categories (somewhat akin to real stash!) It is a tedious process, seeing how much digi stash I've amassed in such a short period. Hopefully, this will allow me to find my supplies easily as my current method was getting too tedious and when I bought the same kit twice, I knew it was time to change my storage method! I've to thank a blog article I read on Design House Digital that allowed me to use iPhoto to store my digi collection. 

Anyway, I took a break to test out my new system of storage and created this LO about the boys' furry babes!

Patterned paper & various journaling elements from Katie Pertiet, trimming by Ali Edwards, circular rubon from Scrap Gals, tag from Jen Allyson and alpha from Audrey Neal.

Quite pleased that my new system works perfectly. I can now see what I've got and sorting them out in categories have enabled me to use them more effectively too. I've even grouped the seasonal files together such as Christmas, Halloween etc as it makes more sense. 

My wee one had to participate in a performance at the Gang Show tonite. Basically it's a show put up by the Beavers/Cubs/Scout groups. Little one was given a small part to play but he did kick a fuss about performing. Looks like both won't go down the acting route! Told him it's his last contribution to Beavers as he moves up to Cubs next week! Unfortunately no video or photos was allowed. Show was pretty good and I enjoyed it!  That was our first outing of the week! TTFN!

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