Friday, 25 February 2011

~ Happy Anniversary! ~

to hubs and moi! 11 years ago, we were formally hitched, although we had known each other for 5 years before! 

Anyway, hubs took the day off and we went down to Poole to visit his sister and his family. They kindly offered to babysit the boys so that we could go off for a meal but not knowing the area well, and which restaurants to go to, we took a rain check and decided to have the special meal when we are back in Birmingham. I already have in mind, our fav restaurant to go!

Anyway, hubs got me this as an anniversary present:

I got the owl and the clips. I won the beetle and the ribbon spacer by opening 2 drawers. Apparently, the Pandora store in Bournemouth was having a promotion whereby if you spend £50, you get a lucky dip. Now all I need is to add some beads to balance it out! I guess this will be a fairly long process of collecting. Just as well I stopped buying SB stash! 

Been doing some research and apparently, there are lots of alternatives to Pandora. Guess that's my next surfing sites! TTFN!

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