Friday, 11 February 2011

~ Gotta Luv Technology! ~

I seriously don't know what I do without modern technology! Contacting friends and family members who live overseas is so easy these days. My dad gets to see his grandkids more often now that my bro and moi have iPhone 4 and we 'facetime' each other quite frequently! Thanks to wifi! Contacting friends is even easier thanks to the apps that allow communication, completely free! 

I got to know these group of gals thru' scrapbooking. Initially, it was just one gal. Then we got introduced to another and another and eventually, we ended up being firm friends. Last year, we got along so well that we became a group, calling ourselves the Joy Luck Club (or Joylites for short). Despite moi living thousand of miles away, we never cease contact, chatting via Facebook. Then today, we tried video conferencing! We used Skype and we had the most fabulous chat ever! Never mind that they woke me up at 6.33am (blame it on the time difference)! 

So in honour of them, I did a LO documenting today's event!

LO created using Pinfeather collection by Carina Gardner. A sheet from Jen Allyson's Vintage Findings. Calendar element from Kate Teague.

Managed to snap them while we chatted! Luv these gals and can't wait to see them soon! TTFN!

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Fay aka Beautifullily said...

Love the snapshot, cool lo Audrey. Yes I love my tech too (commenting from my iPad!)