Saturday, 12 February 2011

~ New Pets ~

The eve of my wee one's birthday and we wanted to bring him out. He requested to go Legoland but unfortunately, it wasn't open for business during the winter season, nor other theme parks! We did manage to find one in Blackpool but the wee one wasn't interested, as he didn't want to travel far. Instead, he begged, pleaded, cajoled his dad into getting him and his bro, a pet each! Now I'm against keeping a pet as it's too time consuming not to mention the hassle of housing it when we are away on holiday! I like to be away to just jet off at the last minute without having to worry about who's gonna look after the pet! Anyway, their dad promised a small pet, one that is easy to look after!

So off we went pet hunting. We visited 3 places we knew that sold tiny creatures. Finally at the last stop, the hubs fell in love with a Russian Dwarf hamster and got one for each of them. Have to say, they are pretty cute! Got the boys to promise that they would look after them including cleaning after their poops!

So here's a LO documenting their hunt for their new pets:

LO done using Story Time kit by Katie Pertiet. Tape by Celeste Knight and words by Ali Edwards.

I need to find a better way of organising my digi supplies. Have amassed that much that current storage system is ineffective. Might just have to create a new library in iPhoto to house them. The only problem... time! TTFN!

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Fay aka Beautifullily said...

Enjoy your hamsters. Lily has a Siberian which is pretty cute.
At least storing digi supplies is easier than paper, although more difficult to hunt through I guess.