Saturday, 8 January 2011

~ Still Around ~

I'm around but just trying to settle into the new year! Came back from our holidays last Monday and have been catching up with laundry, work and household chores! So glad it's the weekend! Slowly catching up on my blog too and have been updating posts with my JYC 2010 LOs. Rather than show it all in one thread, which would be a lot of images, I decided to backdate the threads. Having done it digitally have actually compelled me to finish the LOs. Quite pleased! 

In the past, I did say that I would never dabble in digi but since losing the time to scrap, digi scrapping have been keeping me sane! I managed to do the bulk of my LOs during my stay in Scotland as it was so easy to flip the Mac open and play around whereas physical LO which would have taken far more longer, not to mention the amount of stash I would have to pack with me! Hence, I've been investing in more digi products as opposed to actual stash.

Be back soon.... TTFN!

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