Friday, 14 January 2011

~ Apps Galore! ~

Wish there was more than 24 hours a day! Running out of time and so easily tired these days ever since work started! Still trying to get into the swing of routines. 

Not much creating done but concentrating more on my new iPhone 4. Trying to migrate all my stuff into the new. Hubs already asking me for the 3GS. Have to say I absolutely luv the new phone only b'cos of the improvement in the camera. Wow, so much better with flash and the retina display is amazing! 

Found quite a few apps to play with too. The first is a diary app called Momento which allows you to write a journal every day and you can include photos, tag places/people/event too. Awesome. Since getting it, I've been writing it daily.

Momento app, cost £1.79

Another app I found is Project 365 whereby you input a photo per day. The layout is a calendar format and you can add photo and description each day. I always balk at anything long term but since getting this app, it has been a joy to fill each day with a photo and I look forward to it. I even set a reminder to take a photo each day!

Project 365 Pro
There is a free version but I got the Pro version for 59p so as not to have any ads (they are such a nuisance!) You have the ability to save what you do and you can either upload to Facebook, Twitter or even email the photos.

With all these new apps, I found two new photo apps, Instagram and Retro Camera Pro. Instagram, a free app, is pretty interesting as you take a photo normally and then apply filters to it. There are 11 filters which give different effects. Quite cool. 

Apparently you can share it within a community and have followers etc. I wasn't interested so I set my photos to private. Here's an example which I tried out:

Excuse my dishevelled look!

Now the next photo app is my fav! Another free app called Retro Camera Pro. It comes with 5 different type of cameras with different effects in print & saturation. You have to use a certain type of camera to get a particular effect. My fav is the pinhole camera as I like the effect of it.

Retro Camera Pro app.

One of the cameras offered. It does come with an annoying ad at the bottom though. Now the app itself isn't perfect as it does hangs. But hey, it's free and what more can you ask for!

Here's an example of the FudgeCan camera.

And my fav, the Pinhole camera. Luv the film effect on the photo. 

So that is what I'll be doing this whole year, writing journals and taking a photo a day to fulfil my Project 365. I still do have my Hipstamatic but it does take a while to develop the photos and it's hard to use in situations when you need to take photos quickly. The Retro Camera is much faster in application. The Instagram allows you to take photos in your camera roll to play with the filters. Anyway, one can't have too many photo apps! 

Oh and before I go, I found this app that monitors how much water you drink each day. It's called Water Your Body. Basically, the amount you drink depends on your weight and I've to drink at least 1523 ml a day or about 6.44 cups. Can't say I've drunk 6 cups daily but at least 4 minimum. Since getting the app, I've been more conscious of drinking water and do make an attempt to try and drink my required amount. 

I've got a couple more LOs in my JYC2010 to complete. Just need the time to do them....if ever I find it... TTFN!

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