Saturday, 22 January 2011

~ Burns Night Party ~

Attended a Burns Night Party and we had a traditional Scottish dish called Haggis. There was even a Scottish chap who recited the poem before he cut the Haggis. It was quite interesting! As for the dish, it was my first time and I can't say I like it much. I did try but just wasn't to my tastebuds!

Now that's a lot of haggis. I even had to stop the waitress from serving more! Probably an acquired taste! Some food do take time to get used to!

Hubs and moi. Finally got to wear my posh frock. This party was to make up for the Xmas Party that was cancelled due to the heavy snow that fell on that particular Saturday.

We had a great nite and even won the raffle. I chose an Easter hamper... will come in handy when I organise my Easter Egg Hunt in April. TTFN!

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