Saturday, 2 October 2010

~ So glued.... ~

to these books in the last few days:

Ever since I discovered them while app surfing, I downloaded all four books and started reading the first one on Thursday last week. Boy, was I hooked! When it first came out, I didn't show much interest as I was in too deep with scrapbooking and had no time to read. Now that they are apps on my iPhone, reading is such a breeze now. Best of all, I can now read in the dark, as opposed to a traditional book!

The next thing is to hunt down the movies! I'm off to devour the last book... TTFN!


lisa said...

Big fans in this house too : )

Coochies & All said...

I'm a fan of these books and the movies - glad you joined the bandwagon Audrey. :)) And your halloween card is beautiful!! Wish we could celebrate halloween in a big way here in singapore. Have fun with the celebrations! :))
elaine t