Sunday, 31 October 2010

~ Happy Halloween! ~

What a weekend! We had such a fabulous weekend. On Sat, we held a Halloween party and on Sun, we celebrated my FIL's 75th birthday at a Chinese restaurant. 

The organising of a Halloween party was suddenly throw at us last month. Apparently it was our turn to do it since BIL did it last year. So hubs and I discussed our roles... he, the chef while moi, games organiser. Thank goodness for the internet as I managed to source out quite a few games for the kiddos/adults too. Then there was the house to decorate. Once again, 'cos Halloween has become so commercialised, we managed to find lots of decorations for a fraction of the price! Hubs even put up the gazebos outside. 

Party commenced at 6pm. The kiddos were ever so excited! All guests came dressed up, well, that's the fun isn't it! Kids were entertained throughout the nite as I had prepared quite a few games for them. I leave with some happy memories of the nite:

The hallway given a touch of spook!

Moi & guest!

The eldest bobbing an apple. Incidentally, he was the fastest to get an apple!

The wee one being dressed as a mummy.

Roasting marshmallows!

It was certainly a fun nite, to be repeated next year at SIL's place! Guess it's gonna be a social event in our diaries from now onwards.

On the creative side, I've been hoarding up quite a few Halloween digi kits. Here's one I made, my first and a very amateurish effort!

Spook: created using a Haunted digi kit by Carina Gardner. 
Absolutely adore the Halloween papers she created using kraft paper. 

Back to routines... TTFN!

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Emma said...

haha love that mummy photo, why didn't I think of that, ok as long as it doesn't rain!