Sunday, 10 October 2010

~ The Start Of Concerts! ~

Drove up to Liverpool today to attend my boys' Suzuki graduation. Basically they have completed Book 1 and as a result, they recorded the last song of the book for grading and this graduation was the result! But it wasn't just merely receiving certificates but they had to take part in a concert as well. 

We arrived an hour early and managed to sneak a quick getaway to visit The Beatles at Albert Dock. We didn't have time to go into the museum but we did spend some time at the souvenir store. Not really a Beatle fanatics but it was interesting to see what was on offer!

At the concert, we were told that no photos were allowed (how could they!) but nothing was said about not taking video so I did with my iPhone. Fortunately, I found an app called Camera Duo which allowed me to simultaneously take video and photo at the same time! So I did manage to snap a few key shots. 

This was taken by the camera while the video was shooting. Ok, so the quality isn't great but hey, it's the memories that count!

I didn't managed to snap my wee one but I did managed to cut this particular image out from the video. 

Quite chuffed to find an app that combines both applications.... taking video and photo at the same time! It's hard to do both when you are the sole person capturing all these memories! The only setback is that the quality isn't that great but I'm not complaining! I did manage to print the above photos out and they were ok (about 3.5x2.5" photos). Time to do something about them. TTFN!

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Coochies & All said...

Congrats Audrey! And to your two boys too! You must be a proud momma when you saw them on stage. :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog too - so happy to hear that you like criminal minds too. My husband doesn't like it one bit - sigh. I too like Reed (think that's his name), and I also like the girl with the black hair and super sharp nose - forgot her name now. :))
elaine t