Friday, 22 October 2010

~ Sponsored Walk ~

It's Friday and the last day of term! Gosh, can't believe that 8 weeks have flown past so quickly! Before the school ended, both boys had to do a sponsored walk around the school perimeter, at least 10 times! Well, I did my best to accompany them and did 5 rounds with them. Luck was on their side as the weather was brilliant! Sunny albeit cold but anything better than rain!

The boys had to dressed up. This year's theme is based on a book character. Well, the eldest went as karate kid while the wee on dressed up as a vampire (a mini Edward Cullen)!

The boys are off for a week and we are having a Halloween party at the end of the month! Never thought that I would be involved in anything spooky but thankfully, it's so commercialised that you can easily find tons to buy! The boys are excited and I'm getting the house ready for decorating! Looking forward to some spooktacular event! TTFN!

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