Friday, 20 August 2010

~ Shopping! ~

2 posts in one day! Trying to catch up. Yesterday, we were at the Expo. Today we hit the shops. E brought us to Nanjing Rd Copy Market, a haunt popular with tourists.

Behind this cocoon sits the cab driver! I find it rather amusing.

Oh gosh, we spent loads! Got myself a pair of winter boots, silk scarves, jeans & shoes! My boys had winter coats. Hubs got himself a shirt & watch. We were quite restrained in our spending but I could easily go overboard!

Got myself a shopping bag as I'm alway forgetting to bring it to a supermarket. That will stay in my car!

An example of the shops!

Haggling over prices is greatly encouraged as the opening price is always ridiculously high! We got most of the stuff between 60 - 80% off. There a technique to it - stick to how much you are willing to pay & walk away if they don't accept. Inevitably, they will call you back & give in to your price. We did just that & got what we wanted to pay! It helps that E speaks the language! I do as well although not as good as her!

Hubs & moi are currently suffering from upset tummies so we went home to rest. Plans had to change as a result. For dinner, we headed out to a joint popular with the expat community. We had steak & it tasted so good!

Moi & E!

Not sure what tomorrow brings but hopefully not too hot! I'm having a hard time coping with the immense, high humidity! TTFN!

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